Hey there, Willow here. Original Scooby, proud witch, devoted friend.

Don't be shy, I don't bite! Well, unless I go all black-eyed and willy-nilly, but let's hope that never happens again.

Willow hadn’t had one night’s sleep since she arrived at the base. From the moment they were given the news - and very vague news at that - her mind was racing with everything she could possibly think of to help. Protection spells, preventative spells, strengthening spells, locator spells, everything. She was even driven to cast an energy spell on her to keep her awake through the long nights when she could do anything but sleep. Her carpet was completely invisible under its blanket of books, all of them open to different pages that seemed to be helping just as much as a guitar pick would help a pianist. 

Burying her face in her hands, she let out a long sigh. Looking down at the colossal collection of unhelpful books, she decided she deserved a little break. Slipping on some shoes, she walked out into the hallway and began her way to the kitchen, hoping to find something worthwhile to eat, and maybe some coffee to keep her from passing out. 

However, as she turned the corner she saw a woman standing near the end of the hallway with her back facing her. It was difficult to see in the dimly lit hall, but her figure was frighteningly familiar. Willow walked closer, her stomach twisting a bit. Even more visible now. Her shape, her hair, her height, her stance, her smell. Willow stopped dead in her tracks.

"Tara?" Her voice was nothing but an inaudible, whispering whimper.